Freelance Illustrator
ENG & 한국어 & 日本語 OK

Hello! My name is Ria.
I like playing games, designing characters and the colour Teal. (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚
If you have any questions, feel free to DM me @ my twitter or any other socials.


Commission Status
Personal use: Closed
Commercial: Open for inquiries

All Prices in $USD
*Prices are subject to change. Prices listed excluding Live2D comms are for casual/personal commissions.
Commercial use commissions will have an additional fee applied.

For commercial work, please Email me @ [email protected]
Or inquire @tokkiria

Commission [Closed]

Bust-up $65

Halfbody $85

Fullbody $150

*For Character Reference sheet please refer to Custom design page

Chibi [Closed]

Pencil $40+

• Mainly cell-shaded. Lined with a Pencil texture brush. Smol nuggets. Details will be simplified.

Painty $50+

• More rendered than cell. Eyes are painted in with more detail. 2.5 heads

Semi chib $60+

• Taller chibs around 3.5-4 heads. Fully rendered


Custom Design

Starting at $250
Add-ons + $
✦ Chibi
✦ Bust
✦ Outfit ref
✦ Back view, Profile view

Non custom Ref Sheet

Starting at $150
Add-ons + $
✦ Chibi
✦ Bust
✦ Outfit ref
✦ Back view, Profile view

October Slots FULL

Sprite PSD parts
Half $1000 | Full $1200
✦ PSD Flats Live2D ready
✦ Includes Full image PNG

Custom Design
Original model design from me.
✦ Additional $800~1000+
✦ Character sheet (front, back, profile flats) $+

Can Do
• Humans, Kemomimi, horns
• Young ~ adult age, all genders
• Soft injuries

[CLOSED] Live2D model Set
Half $1500 | Full $1700
✦ Full image PNG
✦ T2 standard rig of the model
✦ Base expressions

Expression stickers. i.e. Eyesparkle, Tears etc.
✦ +$50 each

Can't Do
x Overly Complex designs
x Mecha, Armour, gore
x Furries, non-humanoid

Listed are Starting Prices. Prices are subject to change.
Additional Fee for Complex designs, Additional parts, multiple accessories, Additional Toggles and expressions.

I have the Right to decline if I feel I am unable to fulfill your requests.

For Commercial use.


Vtuber Model gallery

Artworks | Additional works

Original Works


Work / Collabs / Cover Art



  • Email: [email protected]

  • Twitter @tokkiria

  • Deviantart: https://www.deviantart.com/tokkiria

  • Pixiv: 13419350

  • Ko-fi: https://ko-fi.com/tokkiria

  • Toyhou.se: https://toyhou.se/Tokkiria


Terms of Service

email: [email protected]

This will be the basic guideline of my Commission ToS, please see that it is followed and if you have any questions, please send me a DM.
Thank you !

Basic Info
> I accept commission requests through Twitter DMs / Email
> For commercial/Freelance work, please send me an email at [email protected] or inquire @ tokkiria on twitter.
> There will be extra charge for commercial works
> I have the Right to decline any commission requests if I feel I am unable to fulfil your requests.

Payment | Refunds | Cancellation
> I Accept Paypal USD only
> Payment will be made through the Paypal Invoice system
> Once payment has been made, I do not accept refunds or chargebacks
> You may cancel the commission if payment has not been made yet, and I have not started on your commission
> I will only start on the commission after agreed payment has been made.
> If you do not trust me with your money, you are allowed to pay %50 upfront before sketching and %50 after the sketch has been approved. I will not continue the commission if I have not received full payment.
> A Paypal invoice will only be sent once we have finalised our agreement via note/email/DM
> Additional characters will cost their standalone price !
> In the case that I have not started or finished your commission within 3 months after payment, you are able to ask for a refund. If this occurs, I sincerely apologise.

Turnaround Time
> Basic turnaround time is 3weeks to 2 months for all commissions
> If requested as rush, a rush fee will be included (is not always available and will depend on my schedule)
> Depending on the complexity/type of work requested, some may be delivered faster.

Commercial Rights
Additional fees will apply if requested for Commercial Use
> Live2d models: Any profits made from using my art/model is yours
> A contract will be provided before before the job is started and only when both parties (commissioner and artist) have signed (and costs have been finalised) will I start. Please be sure to adhere to the contract.
> If requested Cancellation upon a job in progress, refunds will only be applicable if the job has not been started. Depending on the progression of the job, partial refunds may be allowed.
> Initial deposits will not be refunded.
> Please be sure to credit me @tokkiria

Permission and Copyright | Usage
> You are not allowed to edit, trace or modify my art unless stated so.
> You are not allowed to distribute any of my art for anyone else to freely use/edit on any sites.
> You are not allowed to make commercial merchandise of my art unless permission is given, or if it has been a commercial request.※
> You are not allowed to claim/credit my art as your own.
> Please credit me where you can as "Tokkiria"
> If uploading onto Toyhou.se, please credit art to my TH account @ Tokkiria

※Personal merch for yourself (and not to sell) is ok !


> If you are not satisfied with the finished product, you are not allowed to issue a refund,
> If You are not satisfied with the finished product because I have drawn/forgotten any detail/colour or have messed up on anything else with the character/design (That has been stated/shown in your reference), I will correct it but no refunds will be issued.
> You are responsible for saving the image when I have linked it to you via stash/appbox etc.
> I have the right to post your finished commission image (Not with the full res) with a watermark on any of my Social media sites.
> I have the right to post speedpaints/painting process videos of your commission on my Youtube. (If you would not like your commission to be posted on youtube please tell me beforehand.)
> I have the right to post completed commission works as examples in my Portfolio. (If you would not like your commission to remain private, please let me know !)
> I have the Right to decline any commission requests if I feel I am unable to fulfil your requests.
> If you fail to abide by my ToS, you will be blacklisted from any future commissions.